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1) Chauvet Colordash Batten (00:20) 2) ADJ Mega Pixel LED (00:46) 3) Chauvet LED Bestow 38 (01:23) 4) Chauvet LED Rain 56 (02:07) 5) ADJ MegaBar Pro LED (02:46...


The Actuality Behind The Exploding Trend Of Black Mob Violence

personalliberty. com , August 26, 2013 by Bob Livingston. Christopher Lane was killed on Aug. The mainstream media is the whoop-de-do arm of the state. It has a narrative that it must reinforce on behalf of the state. All information contrary to that narrative is discarded and/or suppressed.

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Breeder Responsibility: Why Having Kids Is the Worst — And Best — Thing We Can Do For the Environment

Let’s own up to the bad expos first ... intensive decision we make in our lives — more so in America than anywhere else. According to government statistics, each new kid born in the U.S. has a aura impact throughout his lifetime that’s 60 times ...

Mountain West Football Dispatch: News and notes from around the league

I am working with ... Davie said, “you can look at our roster a year or two from now and you’ll see (players with) 22 games, 18 starts, or 20 games, 20 starts. That’s what we’re structure for.” Next game: vs. Texas San Antonio, 6 ...

Mountain West Football Notebook

New Mexico has been competing in football since 1892, the University Texas-San Antonio just since 2011. Yet, when New Mexico instruct Bob Davie looks at the 2013 Roadrunners roster ... first start when Nevada visits UCLA on Saturday continually.

Tucson offers a awesome desert setting, history and culture

Here's the emotional attachment: Tucson is a place that gets under your skin. One of its best known residents ... Grandpa's Place"), a food business and mister-cooled tent on the city's west side, tucked between a gritty bar and a feed store.

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Elation Unveils Intrigue Wash LED Zoom Moving Head The new concise Design Wash LED Zoom from Elation Professional is everything a lighting pro could expect in a color wash and more -- and. . . less. Powered by 108 high-class-output 3-watt Osram Ostar LEDs (40 red, 28 green, 30 blue, 10 ivory), which put out 

Yes to All of Those Things After the dishes were done, and I well-educated that "Pilates showered" fell somewhere between a quick rinse and a face wash, Ann had an idea. She led me to her dumbfound-to-ceiling bookshelf in the hallway, leaned into them like they were high school lockers

'While we're at it' is precarious The hallway, you see, led to the face staircase, which led to the foyer, which opened onto the basement stairs, which led down to a landing, then turned north. Turning that bit of basement stairway south --- under the aforementioned fa staircase