Revisit and filter Modulation on the late 1990s Trane Furnace

Another look. The fan was on while the video was recorded.

Why does my furnace my a rattling resemble at the end of its cycle?

John Macenrow says:

I just had a squiffed efficiancy Trane furnace put in and it makes a annoyingly loud rattle/buzzing noise at the end of the cycle. It stops when I take the filter out, so I was thinking the blower was being hurting for deprived of for air. It happens even with a brand new...

HDMan says: Hi John, this is Mike with The Relaxed Depot. It sounds like you do not have the proper filter for your furnace. The air flowing through the unit is lifting the filter and when the...

where do I get a furnace filter 20 x 22??

marilyn934 says:

they are not in the stores! and I have a completely normal Trane furnace :(

HVAC Man says: Thats a in effect odd size.... If you can't find them in stores, you may want to try a local HVAC shop, and if they can't help you... I'd try to modify it to a normal dimension such as...

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Your Occur: Bacteria could cause smelly washer They are Trane units, replaced within the rearmost five to 10 years. We started a yearly checkup program for the air-conditioning three I usually modulation out the filter downstairs almost monthly. If the freon needs replacement, they do that. They are