Samsung Updates its Ingenious Fridge Apps at CES

Samsung adds Evernote to its Streetwise Fridge apps, allowing you to display recipes on the front of your refrigerator. Visit

Why does the wireless coupling for my ipod touch keeps getting connected and disconnected so frequently?

trustnlov3 says:

For model, when i am trying to use ebuddy or any other apps that requires internet connection, the wireless icon keeps going on and off every few seconds. Please keep from!

The Earl says: In truth, the iPod touch doesn't work as a cell phone. The iPhone does that. WiFi is used by the iPod Touch. The issue is perhaps signal strength. It always is around here....

A canny fridge from Whirlpool with features you might actually use (first take) - CNET

The Maelstrom WRL767SIAM Side-by-Side Refrigerator is the debut refrigerator in Whirlpool’s 6th Sense Live appliance line. At $1,999, the WRL767SIAM has a sane price tag, at least compared with smart fridges we've seen from LG and Samsung.


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Samsung Galaxy S5 to be waterproof and dustproof from the beginning?

New rumours suggest Samsung will cook up the Samsung Galaxy S5 to be waterproof and dustproof straight out of the box. Attempting to rival the likes of the Sony Xperia Z and Sony Xperia Z1, Samsung is looking to centre more upon introducing waterproof ...

LG G Pad Launched In South Korea

Monday, October 07, 2013: The new rendition of the LG G Pad has been announced in South Korea. The tablet device has Wi Fi support had a 21-cm (8.3-inch) full HD display. While the pricing for the LG G Pad has currently been revealed only in South Korea, the ...

Surety Firm Places Crumpled Cars On Moscow's Streets To Highlight Speed Dangers

To highlight the dangers of speeding in Moscow and pull attention to the city's terrible accident rate, insurance brand Alfa Strakhovanie is placing burned-out cars on streets to over b draft attention to road danger - and is asking ordinary people to choose the ...

LG To Magnify Energy Solutions Business

LG, a unequalled global business group in Korea ... LG Chem will introduce Energy Storage Systems (ESS) for residential and industrial applications. A international ESS provider, LG Chem will exhibit a comprehensive device in the field of Smart Grid ...

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Apps on Your Fridge - French Door Refrigerators with LCD Cover

Upgrade your sustenance with a Wi-Fi enabled refrigerator featuring a brilliant 8 inch touchscreen that puts access to apps at your fingertips.

Samsung's LCD Fridge With Apps Is A Fridge That Has An LCD And ...

Eatables aside, what’s missing from your fridge? As long as it keeps food cold, and hooks you up with some cold water or crushed ice from time to time, there ...

Samsung perspicacious fridge: It runs Android apps like Evernote (video ...

Well-educated refrigerators have been an object of ridicule among those covering and reading about Consumer Electronics Show 2013. But Samsung’s newest smart fridge isn’t ...

Samsung Electronics America - Refrigerators - Spirit Star, Smart ...

These fashionable Samsung refrigerators come in many styles including the most popular side by side. See the new smart refrigerator with Wi-Fi, apps & touchscreen.

CES 2013 Video: Samsung T9000 fridge with Apps and Evernote - iPad ...

Samsung fridge runs Linxux apps and connects with Evernote, no rumour on iOS integrations.

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A quick fridge from Whirlpool with features you might actually use (first take) At $1,999, the WRL767SIAM has a sensible price tag, at least compared with smart fridges we've seen from LG and Samsung. If its performance and the utility of its smartphone and tablet app active up to Whirlpool's promises, it may be hard to recommend 

The ecosystem and why it's leading iPhone buyers happen to iPad buyers and then MacBook buyers, buying a range of cross-platform apps and software while they're at it. There's a consistency of consumer experience that's tough to beat, and Apple Hence Google TV, Android fridges, smart

Your Digital Dog, And How It Can Be Used Against You And, of lecture, if you use smartphone apps that know your location (SOUNDBITE OF ZWERDLING: Or it could be the smart refrigerator by Whirlpool or Samsung; most of the big companies are starting to speak for smart appliances this year. (SOUNDBITE