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Stage and DJ Lighting Basics Introduction

This is the commencement in a series of Videos that cover the basics of Stage and DJ lighting. This video starts off with why do I need lighting We start off with p...

What should I cognizant of about DMX Stage Lighting?

Anonymous says:

I did some investigation on my own and learned the basic concepts, but I much prefer to get advice from people that have practical experience with DMX lights. I am trying to set up a medium-sized switch on show that can be pre-programmed and automated....

Raiden says: The DMX manners consists of a stream of data which is sent over a balanced cable system connected between the data transmitter (usually consoles) and a figures reciever (could be...

Will all diimmer packs in stage lighting profession with each other?

I'm Ron Burgundy? says:

I have a T20F that I'm looking to tie-up to another T20F and then hook to a DP-415. Will all of these work together, I know that they are all DMX and I'm looking to control all of my lights with an FC-400 foot controller. Thanks

match says: If they are all DMX, they will all trade with each other. You'll have to address them, however the method of doing so varies with manufacturer. Be sure to supply each dimmer...

What Low-cost Dimmer Pack Should I Buy? | Learn Stage ...

Innumerable churches are the proud owners of inexpensive dimmer packs to dim their incandescent stage lights. Unfortunately, I’ve seen the worst of these packs fail in churches and I’ve also seen the best of.


Stage Lighting Revealed

Lighting is a mix of the aesthetic and the technical that can create an infinite number of dramatic effects. Good lighting design completes the emotional and literal portrayals of any deportment piece, accenting words, music, and movement. Stage Lighting Revealed explains what designers need to know when creating or executing an effective lighting connivance, including: understanding the basic functions of lighting and the qualities of light used to carry out these functions; understanding the equipment that will be used, including its mechanics and functions; deciding what they hanker after to create, or say, with lighting; laying out the visual messages they wish to convey; creating original interpretations with light; determining how the design can be executed. Cunninghams reader-kind introduction to stage lighting and design is ideal for getting prospective lighting designers started on their own journey. Readers are encouraged to experiment and tap their creativity by selecting from the processes and techniques ornate throughout the book. Many diagrams, charts, and photographs complement and enhance the concepts presented in the text. Among the topics discussed are: using color to engage to the audiences emotions; what to consider when you place instruments in the five basic lighting positions; breaking a performance into lighting moments, laying the lighting design, and bringing that mould to life; using and maintaining the many types of stage lighting fixtures; commonsense troubleshooting; stretching your lighting budget; pulling off a successful load-in, production, and postproduction.

A Hard-nosed Guide to Stage Lighting

The new printing of the bestselling favorite that you have been waiting for! This is the same nuts-and-bolds look at the construction and implementation of theatrical lighting design that you need, but with a unique focus on diagram with a combination of theory and application that can't be found anywhere else. A Practical Guide to Stage Lighting has handy step-by-step illustrations of the technical tools and methods acclimatized for lighting design along with real life examples showing why some techniques succeed while others fail. With Shelley's Notes, Notes from the Approach, and Shelley's Soapbox, this book finds a way to deliver complex information with a lightness and humor that captivates and helps you learn without bogging you down with monotonous and heavy information. Topics covered: * Defining the parameters that affect any lighting design: the contract, the budget, the type and size of the film, the production schedule, and the performance facility * An analysis of the concepts of light console programming * Setting up * The light plot * Safe construction

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Robert Simpson's full volume covers all aspects of lighting control systems. It starts with two foundation chapters outlining the basics of electricity, light and electronics as they focus to lighting control. It then reviews all current artificial lightsources, and comments on their suitability for control. A section on lighting control components covers electronic and electromagnetic dimmers, ballasts and transformers. The next group reviews lighting control systems, including those for stage and entertainment, architectural applications, energy management and building control; and includes a chapter on jurisdiction signals protocols. The final part is an extensive applications review, fully illustrated, covering everything from hotels and cruise ships to homes and churches; and engaging in offices, factories, simulators, trains and planes on the way. Lighting Control: technology and applications brings together information not otherwise available from a single horse's mouth. It is intended as a training resource within the lighting industry, both for those completely new to the subject, and for those coming to it from another technical field. It will also be useful for lighting designers, consulting engineers and electrical contractors as a connection book covering current and emerging lighting control techniques - with special emphasis on new light sources and new digital control standards. Low-down, case histories and illustrations for the book have been provided by many leading lighting companies and organizations in North America and Europe.

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Dimmer Bunch | Stage Effects Lighting

Stage Effects Lighting - ... Any tips for making my computer battery termination longer? Weird question, I know .... but, I've dimmed the screen and put it on minimum power ...

Pocket-sized Dimmer Packs :: Dimmers :: Stage Lighting :: ALPHA Sound ...

Alpha Common-sense & Lighting Co.'s selection of portable dimmer packs is one reason why church musicians, worship leaders, and professionals come to us.

Lighting Dimmer Mass | eBay - Electronics, Cars, Fashion ...

Pronounce great deals on eBay for Lighting Dimmer Pack in Controllers and Dimmers for Stage Lighting. Shop with confidence.

dimmer packs in Stage Lighting & Effects | eBay

Feel dimmer packs from a vast selection of Stage Lighting & Effects on eBay!

Stage Lighting Dimmer Compact, Stage Lighting Dimmer Pack Products ...

Stage Lighting Dimmer Die, You Can Buy Various High Quality Stage Lighting Dimmer Pack Products from Global Stage Lighting Dimmer Pack Suppliers and Stage Lighting ...

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