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What was bordello lighting like around 1949?

Nate says:

I extremity to know how houses were lite around 1949. What kind of lamps were used, what light bulbs, etc. Where chandeliers popular? It would be a huge help! Thanks so much!

rlbendele1 says: In 1949 chandeliers were only in capital end houses. The glass "beads" were real crystal , today most chandeliers have lower quality glass or plastic "beads". This makes today's...

where do i buy lovely window coverings and ottomans for decent prices?

bazooka_blondie96 says:

extravagantly im redecorating my room on a budget and so far i found lots of cute things bedspread-chocolate brown end bedspread-metallic lite blue speech pattern table-black chairs- two white square sofa-like chairs with metal legs doggie bed- zebra project pillows-zebra...

cptnrin says: It looks like you have brown/melancholy and black/white combinations going. Super cute! Check out my decor shopping blogs, they have all sorts of curtains, pillows and ottomans (look...


Illuminating their happy
Thrilling Rooms

Since at least Tudor times there have been architectural salvages: panelling, chimney pieces, doorways, or any fixtures and fittings might be removed from an old intimate to be replaced by more fashionable ones. Not surprisingly a trade developed and architects, builders, masons, and sculptors sought out these salvages. By 1820 there was a growing occupation of brokers and dealers in London, and a century later antique shops were commonplace throughout England. This fascinating book documents the break-up, marketing, and re-use of salvages in Britain and America, where the fashion for so-called “Period Rooms” became a mainstay of the transatlantic trade. Much appreciated by museum visitors, spell rooms have become something of a scholarly embarrassment, as research reveals that many were assembled from a variety of sources. One American embraced the m as no other--the larger-than-life William Randolph Hearst--who purchased tens of thousands of architectural salvages between 1900 and 1935.

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Waxing lyrical

After a $10 million enhancement in 2012, Dominion Spa is certainly a pretty flash set-up with artwork, chandeliers and exquisite furnishings ... I emerge feeling silky, light and ready to run beer and a Four'N Twenty pie into my freshly opened chakras ...

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At Crystal Lite Chandeliers Fixed, we design, manufacture and maintain chandeliers for buildings including Buckingham Palace and Windsor Palace.

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Prominently crystal chandeliers act as focal points which transform an open staircase into a showpiece within a building.

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Crystal Lite Chandeliers Ltd, Enfield. 42 likes · 0 talking about this · 4 were here. We've been in commerce for 20 years. We design, manufacture, clean and ...

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Present-day chandeliers online for sale. Antelite has the largest collection of cheap crystal chandeliers online. Welcome to purchase in bulk!

CRYSTAL LITE CHANDELIERS | Chandelier Online Crystal Chandelier Chandeliers Lighting H25" x W24. At Crystal Lite Chandeliers Meagre, we design, manufacture and maintain chandeliers for buildings ...

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Sky-loaded dining, but is it worth it? The surroundings are contumelious - floor-to-ceiling windows offer a panoramic vista of Westchester and beyond - and the setting is opulent, with Swarovski crystal chandeliers, splashes of red and relaxing chairs in a dark shade of beige. (and

Improve take advantage of in Style | The Wilder Side of Jason Wu With its low lighting and sunless wood veneer, the place aims for subtlety, though the effect is dwarfed by the towering electronic billboard surface the window; it's basically a giant Lite-Brite advertising an Australian all-male revue called Explosion